“If you limit your choices only to what seems possible or reasonable, you disconnect yourself from what you truly want, and all that is left is a compromise.” -Robert Fritz

“What is COMPTROL?”

COMPTROL is a work comp specific division of Kraus-Anderson Insurance that works with mid-to-large size contractors and manufacturers who want and deserve the best work comp process available.

“Do you provide only work comp insurance?”

In addition to handling your worker's compensation needs, we offer a full line of commercial insurance products to help you protect your business. We will partner with your business to find solutions to manage your risk.

“How do you get paid?”

We get paid just like any other licensed insurance agent does: By the carrier with whom we place your insurance. If, in some circumstances, additional fees would be required, you would be informed ‘up front’.

“Our experience modifier is below 1.0. How do you improve that?”

A 1.0 experience modifier is average compared to your industry peers. If you want to be average, or just good, continue doing what you are doing. If you want to do better than good, discover how COMPTROL can make you great!

“We only have a couple of recordable injuries a year, why do we need COMPTROL?”

Do you tell your employees that you’re “OK” with a few of them getting injured?

“Our vendors provide us with consultants that do what you do?”

Yes, they do provide you with loss control consultants and most of our competitors do a great job of providing “Loss Control Services”. However, this approach identifies and addresses only the tip of the iceberg. We focus on everything below the water line!

“Do you provide ‘fee for service’ consulting?”

Yes. Many of our clients use insurance as the mechanism to fund all, or the majority of the cost of our services. For those companies that are not in the position of doing so, understand the value of what we do and typically see a return on investment in less than one year.

“We have a safety committee. Why do we need you?”

Every Fortune 500 company has a safety committee in place. In fact, many have more than one safety committee as well as steering committees, and safety leaders. Yet, they are always striving to gain a competitive advantage by utilizing and aligning themselves with the best.

“How can I learn more about COMPTROL?”

Here are two easy options:

  • Click here to request information
  • Call our local number 952.707.8200 or toll free 1.800.207.9261